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Welcome to AVEICASA

The “AVEICASA” was founded in 1997, aiming to create a differentiated service in the real estate market. Certain of the need for the existence of a personalized follow-up in real estate, through continuous training, seek to streamline the business, thus overcoming the difficulties that our customers would face.

After much thought decided to buy a property ... Demand in newspapers, in magazines, on signs the windows, trims, telephone, but where are these houses so beautiful? The price is high? It decreases the number of rooms. And where we put the furniture, clothing and family? We have to leave the mother on the stairs! Search and rolls. You are about to give up. This can be, no, it is best to what comes next. Now go get the papers ... The credit, bank charges and the IRS, settlement of note, the land certificate and the book. Do not forget the boss`s statement. We have to go ace finance, the bank and will conservatory, gather printed documentation and more, have already delivered one hundred papers and even ask us a million more! The family to discuss. employment fouls the increase. The issues will resolve and nerves bursting. Almost to give up the house of your dreams buy, behold the light does and someone says, "Why not an authorized mediator seeking" made the best choice and come to us, we are daily working to serve you, respond ace doubts, the paperwork, be friends, counselors and the whole family can come! With professionalism and responsibility, we try to respond to his will, to be home, store, warehouse or land, you have to buy and sell. We have offices thousand or thousand employees, we are not here today and tomorrow beyond. We have a thousand faces or thousand conversations; "Who said? Who was? Who treated? "It was no one! We have no time to lose, we work for the good serve. If you are satisfied with us, certainly another friend of yours is coming !! We organization, method, knowledge and developments, please feel free! Talk to us, come ... Let speak your heart !!

The "AVEICASA" is a Real Estate company, pointing out the best solutions, based in the city of Aveiro and declares its policy on quality, based on the pursuit of excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Legality, honesty, fairness, transparency, efficiency and respect.

Be a leader and successful real estate business management, with recognition of all customers, employees and friends.

Mediation in the purchase and sale of real estate, rentals, appraisals of real estate assets, management of real estate, commercial and residential, carried out by experienced and highly qualified professionals able to provide the best solution and the best cost / benefit to the real estate business.